Online devotions for teen dating couples

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SEE ALSO: How Millennials Are Changing the Pro-Life Movement 3. The up-and-coming generation has a deep, loud commitment to social justice, rights for children, ending global slavery, and giving platforms to women and ethnic minorities. Without listening, how can real empathy or understanding ever really take place? Millennials acknowledge that history (and truth) is complicated.

Whether it’s the food I like, the denomination of church I attend, or my opinions about dating, I’m willing to acknowledge that I didn’t arrive there only because of some impartial examination of all variables.

to say about the rising generation of young adults, often called Millennials. And because we have more access to information than any other generation, we probably seem super stuck up.

Many articles addressed to those in their 20’s and 30’s either lament our spiritual, moral, and social state, or they present some ‘tough love’ that Millennials need to hear in order to get back on the straight and narrow. It’s pretty easy to be tough on the young and inexperienced. Many people even say my generation is “soft on sin” – that we’re lazy, buying into moral relativism, and worshiping our own made-up version of God (Although I suspect our generation isn’t the first to have those accusations laid at its feet).

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